Using Google Chrome with SSRS


In this post, you will learn how to resolve the Kerberos Double-Hop issue and...

Friend of Redgate 2020


Last week I was excited to receive an email from Redgate notifying me that...

Azure Database for PostgreSQL


Having worked with Azure SQL Database and its many flavours for couple of years...

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Regular Expression help - Does (.) Mean new line?

By Weegee2017

Hi there   I am re-writing some code which uses regular expressions Part of...

SQL AG Secondary Database Backup Throwing "not supported" error with COPY_ONLY

By ganci.mark

Hello. I am using SQL Server 2016 with 2 Node AG.  There is no...

Index maintenance in availability groups

By garryha

I have a 4 node always on availability group setup across two datacentres with...

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