ASF 027: Mikael Wedham interview

Introduction Mikael Wedham is the first Microsoft Certified Master on SQL Server 2008 in Sweden. He has worked as a developer and database administrator since 1993 and in ’97,...

2019-12-12 (first published: )

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Last Week Reading (2019-11-10)

Hello all! An extraordinary week has just passed. Two big conferences took place in the USA, PASS Summit and Ignite, where Microsoft announced plenty of new products or updates....


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Last Week Reading (2019-10-20)

Hello folks! 2 weeks passed but eventually, I have some news for you. Press Support for Azure Databricks Instance pool for operationalizing Databricks workloads in Data Factory Public Preview...


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Last Week Reading (2019-10-06)

Hello Azure/Power/BI/Data fella! Another two weeks passed very quickly and the new edition of Community conference in the UK is about to begin. Check whether you can attend one...


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ASF 025: Rob Farley interview

Introduction Rob Farley is a Microsoft Certified Master, Microsoft Certified Trainer and is a recipient of the Microsoft MVP Award for SQL Server since 2006. Rob provides consulting and...


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Code from Redgate Streamed


I presented a session today at Redgate Streamed and did a number of demos....

Daily Coping–2 Apr 2020


I’ve started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter, which is...

Learn SSIS and ADF for Free


It’s not from SQLServerCentral, though I hope to do more training across the next...

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