David Jackson

DB to VSS V2

This is an update/improved version of my script that I'm pleased to see is rated in the top 10! It will script off all of your objects in your database and if they differ from the scripted version in your VSS db, automatically check it in. If the object does not exist in VSS, this […]

2006-03-30 (first published: )

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Importing The Latest File In A Folder Via DTS

Using the Dynamic Properties Task in SQL Server 2000 DTS is a great way to build a flexible package that can handle a variety of situations. Things are much improved in SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, but many of you will need to solve a common problem until you can upgrade. New author David Jackson brings us a technique for finding and processing the latest file in a folder.

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Check DB into VSS

I use this VBScript to get a DDL copy of all objects in my DB, and check them into SourceSafe if they have changed. I run it via Scheduled Tasks every night.  Make sure unauthorised users have no access to the script location, as you need to enter the VSS password in it.

2004-08-04 (first published: )

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When Your Azure Data Catalog App Won’t Connect


This year I created a new presentation for introducing Azure Data Catalog.  I love...

Packet Pushers Podcast released


I am thrilled to have recently recorded a podcast with our friends over at...

Azure Databricks to Azure SQL DB


Recently I got to a stage where I leveraged Databricks to the best of...

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