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Who needs data access? Not You!


With a little planning and care, we can find various ways to fulfill user...

Azure Synapse Analytics & Power BI performance


With two new relational database features (Result-set caching and Materialized Views) just GA’d in...

Session Evaluations from “SQL Server Security from the Ground Up”


I was recently given the opportunity to speak at Pass Summit. As always (this...

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Need Help formatting query to pull date-related data from Table

By bkufleitner

I need help correctly formatting the following query to pull some date-related records: This...

t-sql 2012 insert into a temp table

By wendy elizabeth

Can you show me a better way to place hardcoded values into a sql...

Trying to setup a Replication

By Labooom

Hi guys,   I'm trying to setup a replication, but the agent keeps telling...

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