Who is that masked man anyway?

If you are holding, in your organisation, personal data about real people or commerce, it is wrong, and in many cases illegal to do database development work or testing using your production data. This, of course, probably applies to a minority of database systems, but data breaches caused by attacking backups or copies of production […]


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Updated Pluralsight Course – Kubernetes Installation and Configuration Fundamentals


My updated course “Kubernetes Installation and Configuration Fundamentals” in now available on Pluralsight here! If you want...

Power BI and a Star Schema


I sometimes get asked from customers if they should use a star schema or...

A New Git Default Branch


I learned a new trick from Andrew Pruski. In a blog on avoiding PowerPoint,...

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How to Update field updatedStuffDiff when i have different values for parts exis

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I work on sql server 2012 I face issue I can't update column name...

poor query performance by joining large table and new CE

By tdo

We have a complex stored procedure working in our database. Some of the statements...

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