Script Login Roles Permissions in all DBs _SQL2005

Usage -Populate @list variable below with account(s),comma delimited list to script. -Save output to recreate:Login,Default DB,Server Roles,DB Access,DB Roles,DB Object Permissions. -- NOTE: -Stored procedures are created in Master, but are deleted -to limit by database see section /*Get a table with dbs where login has access*/ and change the where clause -to script all […]

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2007-02-01 (first published: )

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Script Login Roles Permissions in all DBSs

Populate @list variable with account(s) to script. Save output to recreate:Login, Password,Default DB,Server Roles,DB Access,DB Roles,DB Object PermissionsDB level permissions are scripted in all databases. Can recreate a single login, or accepts comma delimted list of logins.NOTE:Stored procedures are created in Master, but are deleted

2006-01-19 (first published: )

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