Monica Rathbun

Are My SQL Server Indexes Being Used?

Indexes can be incredibly beneficial to your database performance; however, they do come with a cost—indexes both consume storage space and affect insert performance. Therefore, it is important as...

2019-09-11 (first published: )

1,939 reads

Quick SSMS Tip

It is widely known that I am a horrible speller and hate to type code. I tend to use a lot of code snippets and reuse code to avoid...


76 reads

Comparing Execution Plans

When you run a query twice, and get dramatically different run times, your first step can be to try to identify the differences in execution plans. For many that...

2019-07-05 (first published: )

794 reads

Filtered Index Basics

In this post, we continue with another beginner’s blog of database features that may be unknown to many. Let’s take a look at filtered indexes. Many database administrators are...

2019-06-10 (first published: )

703 reads

DMV’s for the Beginner

I give performance presentations at many different events to all levels of SQL Server professionals. Over time I’ve noticed that some DBAs and developers have never looked at the...

2019-05-29 (first published: )

1,856 reads


Restoring Backups from Azure Blob with dbatools


Recently I needed to write a PowerShell script that could build a backup set...

Good to see you at Houston Tech Fest 2019!


It was awesome to see a great crowd at the triumphant return of Houston...

Using kubectl logs to read the SQL Server Error Log in Kubernetes


When working with SQL Server running containers the Error Log is written to standard...

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