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Join Denny Cherry and Associates at SQL Bits 2023


I am very excited and lucky to be speaking once again at SQLBits along with my DCAC colleagues. SQLBits, the largest Data Platform conference in Europe, held this year in Newport Wales March14th – 18th. It is a conference for leading data professionals with over 300 sessions from speakers all over the world. It is a huge honor to have been selected to share my performance tuning knowledge with attendees.

My session, Performance Tuning Azure SQL Database

Have you moved to a cloud database like Azure SQL Database and are having performance issues? While the Azure SQL services running in Azure are similar to SQL Server, they are key differences in performance tuning methodologies. In this session, you will learn about monitoring options, changes in cloud DMVs, and additional cloud tuning tools like Azure SQL Analytics and Performance Insights that can allow you quickly get to performance data across a number of instances. You will learn about what you need to keep in mind when choosing between scaling-out to readable secondaries and scaling-up to higher tier solutions. Discuss with Microsoft MVP Monica Rathbun the challenges and benefits of tuning, what to keep in mind, and what to expect in the cloud.

My second session is a joint professional development session with my DCAC cohort John Morehouse (B|T), titled Tales from the Field – How to Avoid Burnout.

In the fast paced “always plugged in world” we all live in today, getting burned out is something that you will most likely experience. That feeling of emotional and physical exhaustion that leaves you overwhelmed, trapped, defeated and stagnant can be unbearable. Taking the time to learn how to avoid burnout can be game-changer for your mental health, motivation, and productivity. In this 20 minute session, we will discuss ways to help prevent that burn out.

Be sure to also catch my colleagues at Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting , Joey D’Antoni (B|T) , Meagan Longoria (B|T), Denny Cherry (B|T), Yuki Hata (T), and John Morehouse (B|T), who are also speaking at SQLBits.

Joey D’Antoni –

Stop Doing Stupid $%^–How Not to Secure Your Environment

Have you had your first data breach or GDPR fine yet? Many of these breaches occur because of simple misconfigurations or worse security practices. In this session you will learn about common data breach patterns, and how you can prevent your organization from making headlines. The wrong kind of headlines

How Do I Reduce My Cloud Bill?

Do you have cloud sticker shock? Did you blow your budget in the first month of your new cloud project? In this session you will learn about common mistakes cloud users make that can lead to much higher bill. You will learn about how you can dramatically reduce your costs will maintaining your current service levels.

Meagan Longoria

Five Ways to Increase the Accessibility of Your Power BI Reports

Many improvements in the accessibility of user interfaces are the result of small changes. In this quick session, you’ll learn about five design changes that greatly increase the accessibility of your Power BI reports that require minimal effort to implement.

Designing Presentations for a Diverse Human Audience

You need to give a presentation. Perhaps you want to share your Microsoft Data Platform knowledge with the community. Perhaps you need to persuade management to move forward with a project at work. Do you know how to craft your presentation so that it is clear and engaging for your audience? Join this session to discuss how to design presentations with appropriate content formatted to maximize communication and information retention. We’ll discuss your presentation delivery environment, slide design, handouts, and respect for your audience’s experiences. You will come away with several helpful resources and tools to help you deliver presentations that make an impact on a diverse audience.

Denny Cherry 

Where should I be encrypting my data

In this session, we’ll be looking at all the various places within the application stack that data can be encrypted or hashed, so that as an application/database administrator/developer/architect you can make the best decision as to where in the application stack to do this work. These layers include the application layer, the middle tier, the database layer, encrypting over the wire, transparent data encryption, encrypting using your MPIO driver, and offloading encryption to your HBAs.

John Morehouse

Banishing Slow Queries with Intelligent Query Processing

Slow queries can be the bane of any data professionals existence. Let’s face facts, no one likes it when query performance is abysmal. We continuously strive to tweak things attempting to ensure query execution is as fast as possible. What if we could magically make things faster with the push of a button or two? Now we can.

Originally reborn from SQL Server 2017 Adaptive Query Processing (AQP) to Intelligent Query Processing (IQP) with SQL Server 2019, now SQL Server 2022 continues to bring forth even more enhancements making the query optimizer an efficient learning machine. With this newfound knowledge, SQL Server can now generate better optimized queries with minimal effort.

We will –

  • See what’s new with SQL Server 2022
  • Examine how IQP works behind the scenes
  • Look at real world demonstrations of IQP in action

Nobody likes slow queries. Nobody. Take advantage of intelligent query processing features and see how much of an improvement can be gained.

Yuki Hata

Switching Careers: From PT to IT

Join Yuki Hata and John Morehouse’s session as Yuki discusses his journey to become a DBA from scratch and John mentoring someone from the ground up.

There is still time to register at Be sure to stop by our booth.


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