Richard Gardner


Get SQL Server Configuration using T-SQL


As a SQL architect or database administrator, it is required to know how to...

SQL Server – Retrieve Physical Cores, Physical and Virtual CPUs, and Processor type information


Today's post describes SQL queries to get the following information about the processors of...

SQL Server - How to comma-separated values into different columns


This article will demonstrate the method to store comma-separated values into different columns using...

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Are all learning resources just rote memorization?

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Title says it all, recently got frustrated prepping for GCP's ACE with Qwiklabs because...

Upgrade SQL and OS of legacy

By sqltester1

Hi All, We are planning to upgrade both SQL and OS of legacy versions....

How to run a different account using SQL Job to execute powershell script

By WhiteLotus

Hi All , I need to run powershell script which is located in other...

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