ANSI_WARNINGS = OFF can break update statements with some SQL features


Working on a SQL 2017 database where an external, non-Microsoft application has direct access...

Bring Your Own Key to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance TDE


Last year Azure SQL Database Managed Instance saw the introduction of bring your own...

CRM Data Source Connection Error


This article takes us to the edge with a couple of CRM related errors...

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SSIS Excecute SQL Task not executing simple T-SQL correctly.

By brettwalker42

Hello, I have an SSIS package with an Execute SQL Task that runs the...

Case when index scan faster then index seek (see example)

By ebooklub

Hi, we had case today  where query   with existing non clustered index  provided  100% ...

Extract date from String

By SQL Server

Folks: I have to extract the date from this string which is between files_...

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