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Securing SQL Backups

SQL Server does many things very well, but securing itself is not one of them. While securing your server requires some effort, there is an area that many people forget. Securing your backups! Brian Kelley, our resident security expert, brings some advice and ideas for ensuring your data will not be stolen.


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Triggers in SQL Server 7.0 and 2000 - The Common Ground

This is a two part series on how triggers work in the two latest versions of MS SQL Server. Because there are some pretty significant additions in trigger functionality from 7.0 to 2000, we'll first need to look at what the two versions have in common. The second part to this series will look at the differences between the two MS SQL Server versions.

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2005-01-21 (first published: )

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Getting the Most Out of SQL Server 2000's Query Analyzer, Part III

In this article, Brian Kelley continues his series on Query Analyzer for SQL Server 2000. Query Analyzer offers a highly configurable integrated development environment (IDE). Some of the areas Brian looks at are how to modify the fonts and colors, set connection settings, choose scripting options, and customizing file and result set options. Learn how to make the most of the IDE and make it work for you.

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2005-01-07 (first published: )

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Getting the Most Out of SQL Server 2000's Query Analyzer, Part II

Brian Kelley continues his series on getting the most out of SQL Server 2000's Query Analyzer. In this article he looks at the Object Browser and the Transact-SQL Debugger, new features in the 2000 Edition which can reduce development and troubleshooting time for DBAs and database developers.

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2004-12-31 (first published: )

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PASS Summit 2004

Our resident SQL Server security expert, Brian Kelley, went with the crew to the 2004 PASS Summit in Orlando last month. He was kind enough to jot down a few notes on the conference for those of you that weren't there and are considering going next year.


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