Graham Okely


How do you recover small pieces of data from a 16GB database? New author from Australia, Graham Okely, brings a story from the real world of data recovery at his employer.

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My home office setup


That aging hippie (he likes Apple products and has a goatee) known as Brent...

Changing the owner of a schema removes all direct permissions of objects owned by the schema.


This is one of those things that probably doesn’t happen all that often, but...

In Memory Table Indexes


Now that I have written about In-Memory Tables and Migrating to In-Memory tables, let’s...

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Hi, using Merge I can sync table A with Table B at ROW level....

SQL Server Licencing Question

By GRE (Gethyn Ellis)

This question is about SQL Server Licencing and licencing for Maximum Virtualisation. I'm curious...

Error converting data type varchar to float

By Mark Eckeard

All, I know this topic has been discussed numerous times and I tried all...

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