Eli Leiba

Implementing a Flexible Backup Strategy

SQL Server has a rock solid backup routine that works every time. However the schemes used to implement backups with maintenance plans, Enterprise Manager, etc., are not a smooth or as flexible as what most people require. Author Eli Lieba brings us his strategy and code for ensuring that each database is backed up how he needs it to be, whether a full or differential backup.

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Handling Simple XML Using T-SQL

SQL Server 2000 integrates a number of features to work with XML data and SQL Server 2005 should expand upon that. However the SQL Server 2000 extensions for working with XML data in T-SQL are not that mature. New author Eli Leiba looks at how he can traverse an XML file using T-SQL code.

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Redgate Software Needs You!


I’ve been very blessed to be able to work for Redgate Software. We’ve done...

Extended Events: Database Auditing


Extended Events can do things that simply are not possible with Profiler and another...

Speaking for Omaha Azure User Group Wednesday


This Wednesday, February 26th, I will be presenting a new session entitled “All Things...

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