David Beardsley


Synapse Analytics Spark Example 2 - ROW_NUMBER()


The next example is how to do a ROW_NUMBER(), my favourite window function. T-SQL SELECT...

Synapse Analytics Spark Example 1 - Group By


I have been playing around with the new Azure Synapse Analytics, and I realised...

Renaming Files by Padding Numbers with PowerShell


Some time ago I had downloaded all the SQL Saturday XML files. I’ve been...

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Azure Data Factory Copy Data UpSert with Delete

By tim.stutzman

Hi, I'm having some problems with several Data Factory Copy Data jobs using stored...

XML Load Error

By stricknyn

Hello everyone,  I'm attempting to connect to an xml file so I can later...

Date format - being overridden?

By NicHopper

Hi all, Got a strange one here that I hope someone can help with....

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