Arun Sirpal

Azure SQL Database – Maxdop Updated

About 1.5 years I wrote about MAXDOP setting within Azure SQL DB, more specifically the fact that the default setting being 0. ( Now, you should be aware that...


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Azure SQL Training

I thought being an Azure Data/Database blogger I would share some amazing content from Microsoft, an Azure SQL Fundamentals learning path. Following this training you will “Learn how to...


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Azure SQL Database SLA

Can you improve on the baseline (service level agreement) SLA of 99.99 % for Azure SQL Database? How can you get 99.995% as shown below, from official Microsoft documentation?...


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SQL Server Stretch DB to Azure

Since SQL Server 2016 we could leverage Microsoft Azure to dynamically move “cold” portions of data away from on-premises storage for longer retention time periods. Whilst in theory being...


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Azure Data Engineer Associate

You can read about all the new role based qualifications from Microsoft here – Today I want to talk about the Azure Data Engineer one from my experience...


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What goes around comes around : T-SQL Tuesday #129


I almost died. I’m sure a lot of you already know this but just...

My T-SQL Tuesday #129 Time Capsule


This month the T-SQL Tuesday invitation comes from Tamara Clark. I strong-armed Tamara last...

Azure Database Administrator


Recently I found out that I passed the BETA exam for Azure Database Administrator...

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Change dbowner

By ramyours2003

Can we change the dbowner to system databses ? if yes how can we...

Send me an email if this job run longer than 30 minutes

By krypto69

Hi I have a job that I need to be notified/emailed if it runs...

Time out expired on the application side

By zouzou

Hi   I have an application that is timing out i run the query...

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