SQLSaturday#59 Speaker Session Schedule Announced


You may have heard that we’re planning an event in NYC, called SQLSaturday#59, on November 20, 2010 at Microsoft’s Headquarters in Manhattan.  The SQLSaturday#59 team has been hard at work procuring speakers, sponsors and sessions, so we can make this day great for all of you.  This will be a day of FREE learning, laughing, networking, SWAG, and the chance to win some awesome prizes and software licenses from our well-known vendors.

Currently, we already have registered 300+ attendees; so, please register as soon as possible, if you’re planning to attend!  http://www.sqlsaturday.com/59/register.aspx

It is with great pleasure, that I announce the official SQLSaturday#59 Speaker/Session Schedule!

We have 6 parallel tracks, with 28 sessions.  We are proud to have such a collection of fine SQL Server experts, MVP’s and professionals who are coming in to the Big Apple from all over the country.  We have an awesome schedule with a variety of content and topics.  There is something for everyone!  All SQL DBA’s, Developers, BI and IT professionals are welcome.  We have sql administration, performance tuning, data warehousing, database design, sql azure, replication, reporting, tsql, coding, career tips, and the list goes on.

We've done our best to provide a good mix of topics and skill levels, and hope you'll find something of interest throughout the day.

We want to thank all our speakers for their time and dedication, and giving up their Saturday for offering to present with us.  This will truly be an event to remember! 

To plan your day, please see the schedule below for all topics and speakers.  

You can go to this link to see more details of each scheduled session: 


Track Starts Session Title Speaker
Track 1 09:00 AM Performance Tuning Made Easy Thomas LaRock
Track 1 10:00 AM Light-up BI Dashboards with Cool Visualizations Mark Kromer
Track 1 11:00 AM SSRS Interactive Reports Matt Van Horn
Track 1 1:00 PM Three cool packages in SSIS 2008 Kevin Goff
Track 1 2:00 PM Cool Reporting Features in SSRS 2008R2 Kevin Goff
Track 2 09:00 AM So Many High Availability Options, So Little Time Allan Hirt
Track 2 10:00 AM DMV's as a Shortcut to Procedure Tuning Grant Fritchey
Track 2 11:00 AM I/O I/O It's Why My Server's Slow - Waits & Queues Robert Pearl
Track 2 1:00 PM Database Design Contentious Issues Karen Lopez
Track 2 2:00 PM 12 ways to write POORLY performing MDX queries Steve Simon
Track 3 09:00 AM PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint 2010 Ayad Shammout
Track 3 10:00 AM Building a High Availability SQL Server 2008 R2 Ayad Shammout
Track 3 11:00 AM Handling data anomalies with Data Profiling Tasks Steve Simon
Track 3 1:00 PM Getting Started with MDX William Pearson
Track 3 2:00 PM Attribute Discretization in Analysis Services William Pearson
Track 4 09:00 AM Keeping your SQL Code DRY Scott Weinstein
Track 4 10:00 AM SQL Server Development Tips and Tricks Roman Rehak
Track 4 11:00 AM Failover Clustering with Windows Server 2008 R2 Allan Hirt
Track 4 1:00 PM Partitioning in SQL Server 2005/2008 Jana Sattainathan
Track 4 2:00 PM The Modern Resume: Building Your Brand Steve Jones
Track 5 09:00 AM Data Vault and the Data Warehouse Chuck Kelley
Track 5 10:00 AM MDW-What's going on in my server? Joseph D'Antoni
Track 5 11:00 AM Deploying Data Tier Applications with SQL 2k8 R2 Joseph D'Antoni
Track 5 1:00 PM Notes on Linked Servers Linchi Shea
Track 5 2:00 PM Get your database under version control Scott Weinstein
Track 6 09:00 AM The Benefits of SQL Azure Aaron King
Track 6 10:00 AM Transactional Replication Fundamentals Hilary Cotter
Track 6 11:00 AM High Performance SSIS Dimensional Datamart Loads Michael Coles

You can get the latest up to the minute news.  Follow this event on Twitter with hashtag #sqlsat59, and get news on all our events with #sqlsaturday.

Please also bookmark and read the PearlKnows blog, which will be bringing you our Speaker Interview series.  Here you will learn about the speakers’ background, bio, interests, thoughts on SQL Server 2008, and a preview of their presentations.

You can also add the event to your LinkedIn profile, RSVP and add your name to the attendance list on LinkedIn (note: you must still register on the official site)  http://events.linkedin.com/SQLSaturday-59-New-York-City/pub/446884

See you there!

Robert Pearl


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