SQL Saturday #248 Tampa


Welcome to SQLSaturday #248 Tampa BI & Big Data Edition


SQLSaturday BI & Big Data Edition is a free training event for everyone interested in learning about Business Intelligence & Big Data with a focus in the Microsoft SQL Server platform and related Microsoft technologies. In addition to our Saturday free event, we will also host four (4) paid full day pre-conferences with a selected group of SQL Server and BI experts, book authors and MVP. See the complete list of prec-cons below.

Time and Location

Date: November 9th, 2013


University of South Florida (USF)

College of Business building

4202 E Fowler Ave,

Tampa, FL 33620

Across the Sun Dome parking lot area).


Registration is free, all costs are covered by donations and sponsorships. Please register soon as capacity is limited, and make sure to let friends and colleagues know about the event.

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Paid Pre Conference Sessions

Precon #1: Practical Self-Service BI with PowerPivot for Excel (Thursday 11/7/2013)

Presenter: Bill Pearson, MVP, CPA, CITP, CMA, CIA, MCDBA, MCS)

Full-day, hands-on introduction to using PowerPivot for Excel to deliver self-service business intelligence. The focus of the course is to help those new to PowerPivot to become familiar with the assembly of data from diverse sources into models that deliver business intelligence upon demand. Participants will gain exposure to accessing and relating data, and to employing the Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) language, to construct and share PowerPivot applications that support analysis and reporting throughout the enterprise.

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Precon #2: Build a Data Warehouse in 1 Day (Thursday 11/7/2013)

Presenter: Jose Chinchilla, MCITP

Ready for a full day of fun and interactive learning? Join Business Intelligence Architect and SQL Server expert, Jose Chinchilla, MCITP, for a day of hands-on training on architecting, modeling and developing a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution. We will start by analyzing the business requirements, then we'll move on to develop ETLs and a cube and finalize with reports and Dashboards.You will have the opportunity to follow along the exercises and create fact and dimension tables, SSIS Packages, SSAS Cube and SSRS Reports.

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Precon #3: Fundamentals of Microsoft Data Science (Friday 11/8/2013)

Presenter: Mark Tabladillo, MVP, Ph.D.

Microsoft provides enterprise-level data mining technology, ranging from supporting individual analysts through scalable server solutions. This one-day seminar provides an overview of advanced Microsoft-based analytics within the context of the applied scientific method. The key technologies demonstrated will be SQL Server 2012 (Analysis Services) and Azure-based HDInsight (Hadoop and Mahout). Some guidance will also be provided for the R and Julia languages. The course instructor brings his past experience in not only consulting but also from teaching statistics at the undergraduate and graduate level (Georgia Institute of Technology; University of Phoenix). The overall goal is to explain data mining in a scientifically accurate way while making the technology practically accessible and even fun.

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Precon #4: Real World SSIS: A Survival Guide (Friday 11/8/2013)

Pesenter: Tim Mitchell, MVP

Moving and transforming data can be a difficult job. Connecting to various endpoints, applying complex transformations, performing validation checks, creating an appropriate audit trail, and other tasks can make the ETL developer feel like he/she is spinning plates. Even with powerful tools such SQL Server Integration Services, designing and maintaining a proper and well-performing extraction/transformation/loading (ETL) infrastructure is a significant undertaking.In this full-day preconference seminar, we'll explore some common (and a few uncommon) challenges facing ETL developers, followed by practical solutions and recommended practices from the field using SQL Server Integration Services.

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