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Service Pack 2 Beta Program for SQL Server 2000 Announced


Microsoft has announced that it is looking for testers for SQL Server 2000

Service Pack 2. You can join the beta testers program for SQL Server 2000 SP 2

by signing into http://www.betaplace.com.

You will then have to fill out a short survey about your SQL Server environment

and how you plan to test SQL Server. Once at the site, use the following

information to sign in.

Beta ID = SQL2000SP2

Password = SIGNMEUP (case sensitive).

Service Pack 2 offers a number of fixes in each of the main product lines. It

also upgrades the connectivity to MDAC 2.6 SP2. There are also a few minor new

features in the service pack that can’t be discussed in this article, but can

be discovered once you sign up for the beta.

 Once you’re enrolled in the beta program, some of the benefits


  • Private

    access to the beta newsgroup

  • Access

    to service pack chat sessions about new features and fixes

  • Access

    to beta service pack

Keep in mind that when you’re signed up, there is a

commitment to test the service pack, which can take a substantial amount of your

time. Those that are active participants increase their chances of receiving a

sneak peek at the next release of SQL Server, code named “Yukon”.


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