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Fall 2010 Speaking Opportunities


There are a number of events this fall that are still looking for speakers to come and present some interesting information. Here's a list of a few of them that you might consider submitting a presentation for consideration.

Feel free to send something in to one of these events. If you've talked at a user group, you can do one of these events. If you haven't talked at a user group, think about doing something there.

You Can Do It

You can speak in front of a group. I know it's scary, but it's not that bad. We're your colleagues, friends, and we won't throw anything. If you've solved a problem, built a solution chances are you can teach others to do the same thing. We have new people coming to work with SQL Server every day and they need help.

I used to think that it was the smart, motivated people coming to these events. I learned that there are plenty of beginners coming and a basic session on some topic is probably more valuable, and more attended, than some of the very complex, deep dives.

Take a chance, and talk about something at a local user group. If you like it, think about submitting to one of these events.

Come Anyway

Even if you don't want to speak, and please rethink that, come to one of these events. SQL Saturdays are a great time. I've been to 3 this year and have four more scheduled. If you're within a 3-4 hour drive, thinking about going.

Brian Kelley, security expert and a friend of mine, will treat you right in South Carolina.

I'll be at the Denver and Kansas City events, where I know Bill Graziano, VP of PASS, will show everyone a good time.

I live in Denver, so I'll be there and while there won't be any skiing, Denver is a beautiful city and there's lots to do. The Broncos will be in town if you want to catch a game!

These events are a great time, they're free, and it's a great way to get excited about your job.