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Cell Phone Horror Stories


Cell Phone Horror Stories

I saw these on MSNBC, but am including them here in case the link moves (seems to

happen on MSNBC quite often). Here is the original:


Name: Ann
       Hometown: Dallas
We were

at the graveside service for my MOTHER when a relative sitting behind the

immediate family received a call on her cell phone. YES, she DID take the call,

instead of turning the darned thing off! How strange to have the minister trying

to talk loud enough to be heard over her conversation...OUTRAGEOUS and


Name: Wren73

Columbus, Ohio
A person driving a van was talking on her cell

phone and plowed into the side of my elderly neighbor’s minivan while driving

through an intersection with 4-way stop signs, pushing the minivan across a lane

of the road up over the curb, across the sidewalk and into some bushes on the

other side. She insisted she had stopped! She wasn’t paying attention - it was a

little neighborhood street with little traffic so I guess she thought she didn’t

have to pay attention. I like N.Y.’s law - no cell phones while


Name: Lori
       Hometown: Fresno, Calif.
Cell phone use

while driving is still, above and beyond, my largest pet peeve. I too have a

cell, but don’t use it in stop-go traffic. I finally had it when the other day,

some woman on a cell phone was driving not 5, not 10, but 15 miles UNDER the

speed limit and swerving all over the road. At first I was apprehensive to pass

for fear of it being a drunk driver or the like. I finally creeped around her,

using my signal...and what does she do but almost run into the side of me as i’m

passing. TWICE even!!!
       I finally get past her, and glare over at her,

seeing she’s laughing it up talking to someone on her cell phone. Needless to

say, a missile launcher welded to the top of my car would have been a nice

feature at that moment.

Name: Terry Kuhlman

   Hometown: Dearborn, Mich.

   I am a vendor (“beer guy”) at Joe

Louis Arena in Detroit at Red Wings games. These pompous, hey-look-at-me, big

shot wannabees talk on these things all the time. During the game, blocking

aisles at intermission, and waving across the arena at another self-absorbed

show-off with a cell phone are common occurrences. They want everyone to see how

important they are — as if they are closing deals or making huge stock

transactions each time they are on the phone. I support a total ban on this


Name: Vince Love
       Hometown: Washington,


Construction driver wiped out my rear quarter panel on my

mini van while talking on cell phone. He then denied it!



 Name: Michael
       Hometown: Dallas, Tex.
How bad

does anyone need to talk on a phone? Just the other day in Dallas, Tex. (where I

live);a woman was pulled over by a cop and soon realized that she was DRIVING,


have a cell phone furnished by my company, but, it has a speaker-phone and I

don’t even have to hold it or anything. 


Hometown: Midway City, Calif.

was attending church service one Sunday morning. The Pastor was in the middle of

his sermon when the person sitting behind me received a phone call. She actually

answered the phone and started a conversation! Everyone looked at her and she

left the room.


 Name: Cheryl Pfirrman
       Hometown: Edgewood, Ky.

 Which one do you want to hear about? LOL
       Just the other day I

was in the check out line at a store and the woman behind me while chatting on

the phone almost plowed me over with her shopping cart.
       She wasn’t

bothering to pay attention to the fact that I was standing in front of it and

kept running it over the back of my heels.
       I finally caught her eye

and the look I gave her must have gotten the message across because she backed

       I am waiting to see a couple of people beating each other

senseless over this kind of thing.


 Name: Amber

     Hometown: Flagstaff
I work in a movie theatre and I was in

the concession stand it was really busy and the lines were very long. I had one

man approach my counter and say, "F*****g A! What’s wrong with you people, can’t

you move any faster?!" I ignored the man’s rude comment and said, “What can I

get for you?” in my sweetest voice. He went ahead and started to give me his

order. I already knew his drink and popcorn order, but needed to know if he

wanted butter. Just as I turned back to ask, his cell phone rang. I let him

answer it and then got his attention to ask about the butter. I said, "Would you

like but-" when he cut me off. "Dammit can’t you see that I’m on the phone? You

can wait just a goddamn minute!"

I replied in a very controlled voice, "Were you

not the person who just complained about us going faster?"

"That doesn’t matter,

I am on the phone!"

I walked

off. And told my manager the story and that they would have to deal with him.

When my manager walked up the guy was still on the phone. My manager said,

"Excuse me sir... excuse me?" The man shot him a dirty look and turned away. My

manager simply took the mans popcorn threw it away, poured out the drink and

told me to help another customer. I called another customer forward. And my

manager walked out of the concession stand into the lobby to stand next to the

man. The man became enraged when I started to help the next person and finally

told the person on the phone he had to go. The man turned to me and started to

complain, but my manager cut him off. "I’m sorry sir but you have been

unforgivably rude, and will have to leave the theater immediately." One can

imagine the argument that ensued.
       My manager (Ben) is not a small

man, he stands at 6’4” is thin but muscular and 22, this man was probably in his

mid-thirties, about 5’6” and painfully thin. When the man demanded his money

back for his
       ticket Ben explained that since he was being kicked out

he didn’t get his money back. The man took a swing at Ben, who avoided it and

immediately turned to tell someone to call the cops. When he turned the man

threw his cell phone and hit Ben in the side of the head. Ben turned back to

dodge another swing. Ben started to take a swing at the man but thought better

of it. By that time another male manager had come to back him up. The guy

grabbed his cell phone off the ground and dialed 911. Once the operator was on

the line he would only scream obscenities at her, so she hung up on him. By then

the police had gotten there. The man threw the phone at one of the cops and hit

the guy in the face. In order to subdue and arrest the man the police had to

chase him across our lobby tackle him and hog tie him. The whole time he kept

screaming, "I was making a phone call! You never interrupt someone on the

       He got nine months in jail for public misconduct and resisting



Name: Debbie Engle
       Hometown: Gainesville, Fl.

was in a local restaurant and a woman a few tables over got a call on her cell

phone... Loud ringing... when she finally answers it she had a very loud voice

with a very flowery vocabulary! I heard about her No Good #$%#^ Husband, Her son

of a &*^%$ Boss and her piece of #%@*! car. This happened repeatedly during

our meal. I learned more about this stranger in half an hour then I know about

my best friend! Fortunately my teen-age daughter was there to see how rude some

people are with their phones and she vowed never to use her phone for anything

but emergency use. That was 1 year ago and she still only uses her phone to let

us know she is OK, which is why we got it for her in the first place. So even

though this was a very miserable and embarrassing experience for my family, it

was a lesson to a teen-ager, to respect others no matter where you are!

Steve Jones

March 2001

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