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A Freecon Halloween at the PASS Summit


On Tuesday, October 31, 2017, there will be a FreeCon in Seattle for those that might not be attending a pre-con before the Pass Summit. Put on by Jason Brimhall and Wayne Sheffield, there’s a set of 6 sessions you can attend for free that day.

Register now to come.

They are asking for a $25 lunch fee to cover lunch, but you can opt out. However, please don’t register if you can’t come. I’m sure plenty of people want to go and extra registrations can upset planning.

If you can come, the lineup is impressive:

  • Jason Brimhall
  • Louis Davidson
  • Andy Leonard
  • Jimmy May
  • Gail Shaw
  • Wayne Sheffield

That’s 4 MCMs, 5 MVPs and 4 Friends of RedGate!!!

This is an alternative to other pre-conference sessions that PASS puts on, and you have to chance to learn about the SSIS Framework, SQL Injection, Parameter Sniffing, Hierarchies, Monitoring I/O and Using SQL Clone.

If you aren’t attending another event on Tuesday, perhaps you’d like to come to the FreeCon and enjoy learning and discussing SQL Server with a few highly talented SQL Server pros.