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70-100 MCSD Architectures Exam Cram


It's hard to review a book about an exam without it turning into a discussion

of the exam - which isn't allowed! Still, when you're trying to decide what to

buy any input helps, so maybe you'll find these comments useful.

I've used Exam Cram books to help me study for several exams and have always

found them to be concise and on target - this one was no different. 328 pages

(which includes a fair bit of material on 'how' the testing process works, good

reading if it's your first exam) and 11 chapters, it's a VERY high level

overview of the concepts to be tested. If you don't know database design or COM

or n-tier design, this is the not the book to start with.

It's got the standard pull out study sheet in the front (use it!) and a

decent practice exam in the back. The only problem with the practice exam is

that it's paper based (no CD) and the exam relies heavily on case study

questions. You absolutely must find a way to practice case study questions to

succeed on the exam!

You can take a look at the table of contents here.

Coverage of exam topics is good and the book is as easy to read as you'll

find in a certification prep type book. I'll give it a rating of 4 out of a

possible 5, but keep in mind I haven't seen any '5' level books for this exam.


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