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I'm Andy Warren, currently a SQL Server trainer with End to End Training. Over the past few years I've been a developer, DBA, and IT Director. I was one of the original founders of SQLServerCentral.com and helped grow that community from zero to about 300k members before deciding to move on to other ventures.

SQLSaturday Orlando 2017 Goes Live

Today we’re starting on our 11th SQLSaturday here in Orlando. Normally we rotate the leadership between oPASS and MagicPASS, but this year is a bit of change – I’ll be leading this year instead of just contributing. It’s a chance for Shawn and Kendal to take a year breather and… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 5 June 2017

Changing the SQLSaturday Logo?

I read with interest the post from Bob Pusateri that discusses what seems to be the next iteration of the SQLSaturday logo. Informative, calm, and I thought had quite a few valid points. I don’t know that I can be as logical or as calm!

Logically, I’d add to the… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 17 April 2017

Reviewing the 2016 PASS Audited Financials

Notes on items I found interesting in the financial statement, recommend you download and read the entire document.

  • Global Alliance Partner (GAP) dues decreased from $103k to $65k. This doesn’t seem like a lot of money either way, is this program successful?
  • It looks like we lost $40k in…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 10 April 2017

Murder Data

The Murder Accountability Project is worth a look. It’s a reminder that gathering good data is hard, but once you have the data you can do interesting things – like identify serial killings. The site says 220,000 unsolved homicides in the US since 1980. A big number, but not big… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 6 April 2017

ADO Connection Resiliency

It’s not easy to keep up with tech, here’s an update I missed – you can add params to the connection string to enable retries on connections that were established (in the connection pool) but have since failed. I suspect many apps will cover this in the code that handles… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 5 April 2017

Only as Good as Your Auditor

I wrote Only as Good as Your Auditor for SQLServerCentral because its something I’ve explained to people over and over again. For most of us in IT audits are something we tolerate and try to get done as quickly as we can, a test to pass, and because of that… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 4 April 2017

How to Become a SQL Server Database Administrator

I wrote How to Become a SQL Server Database Administrator (email address required for download) a few years ago as a project for Idera, one that I still point people to when they show an interest in the career path. I wish there more of these out there. It would… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 3 April 2017

April Fools 2017

Each year I try to something fun for April 1st, though it’s hard to do well. Trying to be funny without crossing any of the many lines we should respect isn’t the easiest thing. Probably the easy target is self – least likely to complain! Still, sometimes there are general… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 1 April 2017

Why I’m Changing to MySQLAndy

From time to time we all have to examine our path and decide if we need to make adjustments. Looking at the market, I found a lot of reasons why now is the right time to switch to mySQL. Here’s the top five:

5. I’m going to have to learn… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 1 April 2017

Notes from the March 2017 MagicPASS Meeting

I was a last minute volunteer to speak at the March meeting and used it as a chance to talk about Devops for the DBA as a practice run for my session at the upcoming Orlando Code Camp. One of the nice things about having been to the group as… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 31 March 2017

Applying SQL Service Pack on Encrypted Drives

I have a server that uses a third party disk encryption product. It’s configured so that the SQL service account and sysadmins have the ability to encrypt/decrypt files. The local system account does not, nor does the local admins group. Good for security, but it causes some pain when… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 30 March 2017

SSMS – Not a Valid Value for Property Width

I’ve had this happen a couple of times with a recent build of SSMS. Something went wrong – resolution change maybe – and it wouldn’t load, error “is not a valid value for property ‘Width'”. I finally tracked it down to this registry key. Editing or deleting fixed the problem. Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 29 March 2017

Orlando Code Camp 2017

I’ll be attending and speaking at Orlando Code Camp  on April 8th. Come by and say hello if you’re attending, maybe we can talk career paths, security, or devops for dbas!

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Posted in SQLAndy on 27 March 2017

Reading the January 2017 PASS Minutes

I’ve been catching up on stuff this week, including reading the January 2017 minutes. It was in-person meeting so a lot was covered. I don’t want to summarize it, you should read it, but there were some trends I noticed I wanted to comment on:

  • Goals are frequently mentioned, but…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 27 March 2017

Reviewing the PASS 2017 Budget

I did a quick review of the 2017 PASS Budget. It’s not a page turner, but it has a lot of good information. I wish there as more context about some of the changes. The following isn’t a summary, just notes about areas I either care about or caught… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 27 March 2017

A Note on Configuring HP SSD’s

Sharing this without a supporting link, might help someone. During a recent move from SAN to local SSD the storage guy noted that the following has to be done to get best performance.

This command disables SSD Smart Path. You must disable the SSD Smart Path before enabling Controller caching.…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 24 March 2017

Configuring KDIFF With GitHub

Posting this mostly in case I need it again. I needed a merge tool for Git, Kdiff is free and useful, but you have to get all the switches set up if you want full functionality (three way merge). I found the answer on this blog post (a reminder to… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 23 March 2017

The PASS Executive Committee

I was just reading The PASS Board Guidance Policy . Overall a reasonable document and absolutely worth reading if you’re thinking about running for the Board. It is missing what I consider a key point about the Executive Committee, so I wanted to write a quick note on that.

The… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 22 March 2017

Thinking about Chapters (aka Groups)

I think it was 2003 or 2004 when someone from PASS came to Orlando and helped start what became OPASS. They stressed the need to find speakers each month and the need to have multiple people involved so that the group wouldn’t die if someone moved on. The formula was… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 11 March 2017

The Ebb & Flow of Community Participation

It’s an interesting moment when you discover the SQL community (or any other I suppose). It’s the moment of finding the door in a dark room that leads to the next level of the career game. Easy to find once you know it’s there, but until you find it not… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 5 March 2017

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