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I'm Andy Warren, currently a SQL Server trainer with End to End Training. Over the past few years I've been a developer, DBA, and IT Director. I was one of the original founders of SQLServerCentral.com and helped grow that community from zero to about 300k members before deciding to move on to other ventures.

Notes from the September 2018 SQLOrlando Meetup


  • 30 registered, 11 attended. No weather or traffic issues. Same as the last meeting we did not send a day of reminder. Torn on that. Attendance matters, but trying to keep the meeting management as simple as possible. Thinking to send once for the next meeting on Dec 5th.

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Posted in SQLAndy on 25 September 2018

Apply for the 2019 Idera ACE Program

Sharing this before I forget, Idera is taking applications for their 2019 ACE Program. If you’re wanting to do more in the community, this is an interesting opportunity.

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Posted in SQLAndy on 19 September 2018

PASS FY2019 Budget Notes Updated

PASS has updated the notes supporting the FY 2019 budget to answer the questions I raised in my earlier post. They also emailed me directly with those answers, an effort I appreciate. I’ve sent back some follow up questions and will post again if I get more info.

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Posted in SQLAndy on 10 September 2018

Looking at the PASS FY 2019 Budget

I just spent a few more minutes looking at the FY 2019 budget. It is hard to assess whether it’s good or not beyond being balanced (and that is based on hitting the revenue goal for Summit – if that comes in low, then adjustments would be required). I… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 4 September 2018

Volunteer for the PASS NomCom

The call for applications for the Nominating Committee closes on Sep 10th. If you care about the future of PASS its a great way to engage. I’ve served on the committee a few times and it’s really interesting work.

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Posted in SQLAndy on 4 September 2018

More on Two Posts About PASS

Yesterday I linked to two really interesting posts about PASS and I hope you read them. I’ll start with a couple thoughts about them:

  • I admire the post from Steve for trying to do something with that’s available. It’s the essence of remembering that the perfect is the enemy of…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 28 August 2018

Two Posts About PASS

I’m a little late getting to this, but I think both of these are worth reading:

Suggest you post any thoughts on them to the appropriate post.  I’m working my thoughts about them for a post tomorrow.

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Posted in SQLAndy on 27 August 2018

The Failed One Laptop Per Child Project

I wrote about OLPC back in 2010 (and before that, somewhere back on a post I didnt port over here from SSC). It was a vision worth pursuing.  It failed though, for many reasons, perhaps not the least of the killer branding around the “$100 laptop” which turned out to… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 30 July 2018

Zero Width Characters

Another bit of miscellany, this one shows how you can use zero width characters to tag/fingerprint data. Reminds me of the Canary Trap (if you’re a Clancy fan).

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Posted in SQLAndy on 23 July 2018

Paper Model of Hubble Telescope

Not even close to being about SQL, I ran across the plans for a paper model of the Hubble Telescope while doing some follow up reading on the Hale Telescope (because I just read a book about it). I haven’t attempted the model, but wanted to note it here in… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 20 July 2018

Getting Schooled by Brent

Earlier this year Brent Ozar invited me to attend some of his online classes for free. Free is good! Training is good! I signed up with a few thoughts in mind:

  • I had not taken a class recently (I like to self learn, perhaps to a fault)
  • I was curious…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 19 July 2018

SQL Solver

A few months back I ran across this article for checking semantic equivalencies of queries. That’s interesting, from the perspective of someone that has once or twice rewritten a query to be faster and then discovered it was subtly different. I don’t think we have the equivalent. We can compare… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 19 July 2018

Notes From SQLSaturday Houston 2018

Various and possibly amazing notes:

  • Because I waited too long the best flight I could get was into George Bush instead of Hobby, which meant driving around (literally, on the beltway) Houston and it left at a not-so-fun 7 am on Friday.
  • I got a car from Dollar. Got the…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 28 June 2018

South Florida Vacation Notes

I extended my trip to SQLSaturday South Florida for a couple days vacation. If I’m going to drive 3-1/2 hours may as well make the most of it.

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Posted in SQLAndy on 19 June 2018

What Twitter Account Should SQLSaturday Use?

Last week PASS sent out an email saying that on June 15 all the tweets from @sqlsat would be changed to come from @sqlpass (and no more “attending” tweets”). The next day the deadline was moved to June 22 in response to feedback. You can read the official post here Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 18 June 2018

Notes on SQLSaturday South Florida 2018


  • Due to travel delays I missed the speaker dinner. I missed the chance to catch up and meet new people, but I have to admit the introvert in me enjoyed a quiet evening before a busy Saturday. That’s not to suggest that I will plan to miss more, it’s…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 18 June 2018

Notes on the May 2018 SQLOrlando Meetup

Late writing notes!

  • 55 registered, 28 attended. Not bad, and about on track for expected 50% drop. Really, 28 made for a good meeting.
  • Posted to meetup, one email out to the oPASS/MagicPASS list, so by design not doing a lot of extra messaging.
  • First meeting downtown, but strangely almost…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 11 June 2018

SQLSaturday Orlando 2018 – Planning Update #2

Continuing the notes I wrote in Update #1, got a few more things done last week:

  • Received confirmation that the event was approved, good!
  • Logged in to the admin site and did these things (about 10 mins):
    • Set the call for speakers end date
    • Picked vegetarian as a lunch…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 5 June 2018

SQLSaturday Orlando 2018 Registration is Open

We’ve just opened up registration and the call for speakers for our 12th SQLSaturday here in Orlando. We did #1 back before we numbered them and this year we’re an astounding #801. It’s fun to watch that number keep increasing!

The call for speakers will end on July 20th. We… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 1 June 2018

SQLSaturday Orlando 2018 – Planning Update #1

Each year I try to capture a little more on how to set things up here in Orlando. Right now its all in one spreadsheet with a bunch of tabs. Low tech, but good enough for now. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Mar 1. Reserved our date for this…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 29 May 2018

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