Generate script to recreate indexes

By SQLPals

For me, this particular code to generate a script to recreate indexes has more...

SSIS 2019 has arrived!

By Koen Verbeeck

It is not a joke: SSIS is available for Visual Studio 2019 as a...

DMV – Active queries sorted by CPU usage

By SQLPals

select            s.session_id,            db_name(s.database_id) DB,            s.login_time,            s.host_name,            s.program_name,            s.login_name,            s.cpu_time,            s.memory_usage,            s.total_scheduled_time,            s.total_elapsed_time,            s.endpoint_id,            s.last_request_start_time,           ...

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Running SSIS package from IS catalog fails

By kp_svasan

This is the situation. I created a project and package in SSDT 2016.No parameters...

Status Update 25 Apr 2019

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

A quiet day today. No new fixes, but a new developer did start, and...

Give Hugs

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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