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  • RE: Apologies to Ken Henderson

    Mark, first of all the comment that you've made about India is completely uncalled for, and out of context.

    Second of all, it is very funny that YOU are making that...

  • RE: Y2K Strikes Again

    Steve, you could simplify your WHERE clause with something like this:

    WHERE m.entrydate >= CAST(CONVERT(char, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, 112) AS datetime)

    AND m.entrydate < CAST(CONVERT(char, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, 112) AS datetime)+1

    This is more efficient, if...

  • RE: Block the DBA?

    While you bring up some interesting points, a not-so-experienced DBA might be quick to implement these suggestions, without reading the 'conclusion' section.

    Eventually this type of techniques end up doing more...

  • RE: Worst Practice - Bad Comments


    So for all those out there who randomly use lower case and upper case and argue that the code works just fine...

  • RE: Worst Practice - Sorting by Ordinal

    It is a worst practice when it comes to production class code.

    But it sure is a power users tool and a shortcut for ad hoc queries. When I am...

  • RE: ANSI Options Part 4 - ANSI_WARNINGS

    Steve, just wanted to highlight some issues with this article:

    SET ANSI_WARNINGS has nothing to do with "Divide by zero" errors. So, it will never suppress that error by returning a...

  • RE: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Resource Kit (With CD-ROM)

    SQL Server 2000 Resource Kit CD is indeed included in MSDN subscription.



  • RE: Sort of Unique

    Please do post or update the article, if there's a scenario that benefits from reusing of IDs and yet keep track of info related to things done by old owners...

  • RE: Sort of Unique

    Hmm...I wouldn't reuse those IDs, as it will become impossible to track which SJones has created what, at a later date 🙂 There could be a better example, though I...

  • RE: multiple columns and IN

    This syntax is covered by ANSI standard, but is not implemented by SQL Server yet. Use EXISTS instead. Here's an example:

    CREATE TABLE t1 (i int, j int)

    CREATE TABLE t2 (i...

  • RE: What is the difference between SET and SELECT?

    SET is preferable, because it is ANSI complient (so was I told by an experienced MVP, I didn't look up the ANSI spec myself).

    With SELECT you can assign values to...

  • RE: In The Real World - Disaster!

    Looks like you dealt with fairly smaller databases. The same scenario could have been worse, if the databases are of size, say 10 GB (in terms of restore times). Logshipping...

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