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  • RE: Women in Technology

    Johan van Tonder (1/6/2010)

    verena_techie-1005324 (1/6/2010)

    My brain does work differently from most men, I can look at a problem logically, but I also look at it creatively. This is what often...

  • RE: Women in Technology

    DCPeterson (1/6/2010)

    cmcc (1/6/2010)

    My theory of why there are fewer people and even fewer women entering the IT field in general is that the IT field is pretty chaotic. We...

  • RE: Women in Technology

    I agree with Jen-574053. I am a woman Database Architect/Admin with my roots in development/programming. I have been in every area of IT. I have experienced all the issues she...

  • RE: T-SQL Functions

    Not sure why but I chose ISNUMERIC() and it says I got it wrong! oh well, it's my first time to decide to work on the question (to avoid debugging...

  • RE: Union Benefits

    I guess I'm lucky as I have a good Pension plan (of course nothing in it yet), a great chair and ergonomics, I get paid for overtime, vacation is poor...

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)