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  • RE: Introduction to Row Level Security in SQL 2016

    I think the "internal" version of the query in the article. was wrong. It was:

    SELECT * FROM dbo.Person

    WHERE User_Name() = 'User_CS'

    That would return all rows if executed by...

  • RE: SSMS or SSDT

    I use SSMS for ad-hoc querying and testing various solutions.

    But, I maintain databases using SSDT projects. For source control, deployment, comparison, finding references, it's great.

  • RE: Using Seqence Container instead of Identity

    I don't think you need the TOP 1 in the existence tests. EXISTS (SELECT...) already has the optimization of stopping after the first row built in.

  • RE: Insert Commas Into Number String

    If two decimal places are ok, you can just convert the string to money, then back to a string with a style of 1.

    SELECT CONVERT(varchar(24),CONVERT(money,'12345678'),1)

    returns: 12,345,678.00

    If it's important to...

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)