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  • RE: MySQL Primer for the SQL Sever DBA

    In present times when companies are looking to add projects and cut costs open source is a very viable option. In my experience more than 75% of the SQL...

  • RE: Stored Procedures Reconsidered

    jezemine (8/4/2008)

    my first programming language was Applesoft on the Apple II+


    Nothing wrong with that. Apple has always been a pioneer in the technology industry. Steve Job's NEXT Computing...

  • RE: Stored Procedures Reconsidered

    jezemine (7/31/2008)

    giving an app direct access to all your tables is like writing a class where EVERY member is public.

    both are bad ideas.

    Not really you control your access still to...

  • RE: Stored Procedures Reconsidered

    sgoldman (7/31/2008)

    I'm not sure where I come down on the issue, but I've got a question for those folks who think stored procedures should always be used to access the...

  • RE: Stored Procedures Reconsidered

    peterhe (7/30/2008)

    One more problem is network traffic. For SP, client just needs to pass the SP name and the parameter values; For DAL, the whole query TSQL command blocks, which...

  • RE: Stored Procedures Reconsidered

    Whether you decide to spring for ORM such as NHibernate or stick with using stored procedures I like to use MyGeneration for this sort of thing. There are lots...

  • RE: Stored Procedures Reconsidered

    Much constructive feedback. I'll try to respond to the various responses:

    Remember stored procedures do nothing to protect you from SQL injections, just try executing this code: EXEC GetCustomers; DROP...

  • RE: The IT Employee Benchmark

    Nice perspective, my point of view is similar. I think ultimately you have to have passion for technology, and unfortunately too many candidates with degrees are not passionate about...

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