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    Grant Fritchey wrote:

    If Member_MRN_lkupAllMBRNOs is a multi-statement table-valued user-defined function, that alone is going to cause pretty massive performance heads. Either switch it to being an in-line function, or eliminate the...

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    It doesn't matter if the 'on' is followed by 'on' or 'off', just add up all the 'on' times.

    ;WITH cte_switches_with_next_time AS (
    SELECT friendlyName,...
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    I provided the exact command to do that in my earlier code.

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    That's a lot of images at one time.  I suggest starting at 10K or even 5K and see how that goes first.

    Btw, be sure to use sp_tableoption before UPDATEing the...

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    I kinda wondered why the column data needed to have 'MB' in it when the column name said 'MB'?!

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    STRING_AGG is not available in SQL Server 2016.

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    SQL will separately use each one in order as the previous one gets full.  That is, only one log file per db is ever used at one time.  Unlike data...

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    I'm not exactly sure what result you want, but if you want only a single result you need to add an ORDER BY to the query.  A TOP (1) without...

  • Reply To: left join causing results to be multiplied

    Using a sub-SELECT should help, even if the main "table" is actually a view.

    SELECT job_op.seq, job_op.description, job_op.part, job_op.router, job_op.router_seq, 
    (SELECT /*TOP (1)*/ job_op_wc.workcenter...
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    Just off the top of my head, here's on way:

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    Did you pre-allocate enough log space to handle the entire insert?

    I had a load task that took 4+ hours.  I noticed the initial log size was very small.  After I...

  • Reply To: How to reclaim space from a table

    What "index maintenance" do you perform on the heap?!

    I think a REBUILD should release unused space from a heap.  REBUILD is just:

    ALTER TABLE <your_table_name_here> REBUILD;

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    That load query is fairly straightforward.  I think SQL should be able to write output as it is generated, reducing memory requirements.  Would have to see the query plan to...

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    I think this will help ( but maybe not?! 🙂 ).  What I sometimes do is rather than using fully dynamic SQL, I use placeholder column names and then rename...

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    CAST(FileSize AS decimal(35,2)) AS FileSize, --<<--
    SUBSTRING (NTUserName,0,CHARINDEX('\',NTUserName)) AS Domain,

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