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  • RE: CROSS-APPLY performance issue

    From what you describe, it sounds like UDF is your problem, so you'll need to post the definition of it. If it's a multi-statement table-value function (MTVF) and not an...

  • RE: DATETIME - 4

    Nice question, I learnt something new today

  • RE: Precision required

    L' Eomot Inversé (3/14/2013)

    Nice question and correct answer (pity about the locale issue, though).

    Unfortunately, the explanation is rather wrong - not surprising, as the BOL page on smalldatetime also gets...

  • RE: Precision required

    kapil_kk (3/14/2013)

    Richard Warr (3/14/2013)

    Hugo Kornelis (3/14/2013)

    Richard Warr (3/14/2013)

    What do I have that is different (I'm in the UK if that helps)?

    Locale settings.

    Contrary to popular belief, yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss and yyyy-mm-dd are...

  • RE: Precision required

    demonfox (3/13/2013)

    an easy one for the day !!!

    thanks for the question


  • RE: Locking Hints

    Dineshbabu (2/21/2013)

    Nice and easy one. Initially I overlooked the word WTH and answered the question. After seeing the explaination only i realised it was mispelled and it will act as...

  • RE: Basic SQLCMD Utilities

    opc.three (3/12/2013)

    This one made me research some command line utilities I had not used related to Named Pipes but deprecated, i.e. should not be used but is still supported !=...

  • RE: Basic Date Function

    Hugo Kornelis (2/13/2013)

    I had almost missed the different time in the returned output, as I was focusing completely on the data type. Caught is just in time!

    I do not agree...

  • RE: Temp Table Data Types

    Good one


    kapil_kk (3/12/2013)

    Hi all,

    Actually I read an article with a name Difference between Datetime and Datetime2 and surprised with the functioning of that so then I think of implementing that thing...

  • RE: CREATE statement

    Miles Neale (3/8/2013)

    chgn01 (3/8/2013)

    Did I am misleading for the answer? Why so many answers are wrong?

    How other members answeredCorrect answers: 55% (374)

    Incorrect answers: 45% (302)


  • RE: SubQuery

    Good one

  • RE: Creating Tables 2

    Stewart "Arturius" Campbell (2/26/2013)

    Good back-to-basics question, thanks Dave


  • RE: OUTPUT - 1

    Raghavendra Mudugal (2/27/2013)

    Very interesting question, did not know until now... and I answered all correct with just mental work 🙂 and I can feel my confidence is somewhat kicking in...

  • RE: Can This Work?

    ronmoses (3/1/2013)

    Where I got tripped up was here, and I guess I'm still not sure I understand...

    create proc sp1


    select * from temp1

    exec sp2

    Without a BEGIN and END defining the body...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 31 total)