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  • RE: Disk vs. Tape???

    I would suggest you to understand a few things here which are ofcourse related with you business needs and ofcourse if see some gap between the backup strategies and the...

  • RE: tables access and display

    try this..

    sp_msforeachtable 'sp_helprotect null,null,null,''?'''


  • RE: log shipping lag

    sqlstar2011 (5/24/2011)

    is there a way to tell how many logs is sql server standby behind on?


    It is very tricky one for me . I have tried different combination finally did...

  • RE: Server Restart?

    Vertigo44 (5/24/2011)

    Easiest question of the day...

    After installing a service pack updates I am told that a restart of the server is required to complete the installation.

    At this point can I...

  • RE: Browser Servvice is not required when we assign statis IPs ?

    Joy Smith San (5/22/2011)

    Hi All,

    If I manually assign static IPs to all the named instances in my sever, then Don't I need to start the Browser Servervise .? Browser Servvice...

  • RE: logshipping prob

    shiv-356842 (5/22/2011)

    Hi Gail,

    But some body says we will truncate the table in primary database automatically it will truncate in secondary database is it True ?

    How is it possbile..


    Yes, it...

  • RE: Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

    I suspect that you have case sensitive collation on that server. could you pls check the server collation.



  • RE: Create Stored Procedure

    check out this link also.

  • RE: Create Stored Procedure

    Pls. read out the attached PDF file. When i say normalisation in the context of query execution phases it is different from the normal normalistion which you must have learnt...

  • RE: Restoring MSSQL database

    I totally agree with gail. Now it is near impossible to re-generate your data. That is why we always stress on backups. Not only backups but restorable backups before you...

  • RE: Database Suspect mode@ rajesh

    Did you get some errors after executing the DBCC checkdb.

    May i know why did you executed DBCC checkdb with allow_data_loss option. As Gail mentioned above this was the last resort....

  • RE: Create Stored Procedure

    When you create any procedure,trigger or function or even a view , it only parses that object . Parsing is the first phase which only checks the syntax of the...

  • RE: language context issue

    As per my understanding Default language applies when you create the login.

    So, try using Alter login command to change the default language for that login.



  • RE: Apply differential Backup without restoring the database

    muthukkumaran (5/12/2011)

    harsha.bhagat1 (5/12/2011)

    2. There was a differential backup taken yesterday night and I took one more differential backup on the same device.

    Have you checked the filelistonly ? How many files...

  • RE: sending mail from database-is it a bad practice?

    I totally agree with Leo . If you see from a bigger perspective everything we do on a database has a risk involved with it . So this is where...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 98 total)