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  • RE: Using Max()

    Mighty (11/8/2013)

    paul.knibbs (11/8/2013)

    I kind of agree with never occurred to me anyone would think this works otherwise, and I spent a good few minutes trying to figure out what...

  • RE: Using Max()

    Rune Bivrin (11/8/2013)

    Ford Fairlane (11/7/2013)

    Very good question - got caught out with as well. Should have realized that with out the where clause that each max() is evaluated individually... nice...

  • RE: Using Max()

    palotaiarpad (11/8/2013)

    A good back to basics question. Thanks!

    Indeed, sometimes the basics need to covered. Whilst really technical questions are great, the more commonly used functions are...

  • RE: TSQL giving ADO Error

    type, status etc are key words in SQL you might want to try putting square brackets round those columns. eg.


  • RE: How to Increase Query Speed by 3 Orders of Magnitude with no Indexes

    Hmm, quite a misleading title there. ***SO*** what would have happened if the previous nights data had not been acceptable? The DBA would have been responsible...:w00t:

  • RE: How to use Database mail feature in SQL Server 2000

    RE : SQL 2000. I've been telling a client for more than 6 months that they should upgrade their server and move to at least SQL 2005. This...

  • RE: How do you document your reports?

    Depending on what you want the documentation for you may want to add some initially hidden descriptive text to each report outlining what it does. you could make this...

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)