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  • RE: Check if Constraint is enabled or disable

    excuse me but this is my first post. I edited the script and now I wait for the publication of this issue.

    This is the script :



  • RE: Update Database Structure

    ofcourse, all are right.

    Now i'm at home and i can't reply to error number and line.

    I have see external tool, but i need to include a script inside the setup...

  • RE: Update Database Structure

    i need something like this:

    [ ----- Begin code]

    --- Script che genera uno script per la creazione/aggiornamento del database

    Declare @SQL varchar(8000)

    DECLARE @DB1 SysName

    DECLARE @DBName1 SysName

    DECLARE @SvrName1 SysName

    set @DB1 = 'DPC_Kernel'

    set @DBName1...

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)