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  • RE: Column aliases

    I didn't really care so just guessed and got it right.

    Most developers will only ever use one method. That may depend on in-house standards but I'd recommend that used...

  • RE: Redirecting Output

    Nice to see a "real world" question on here. At the moment roughly 25% of respondents have gone for the answer which would make any US record with a missing...

  • RE: Logical File Names

    edwardwill (8/3/2015)

    Toreador (8/3/2015)

    Hardly an abject failure, he just got one word wrong.

    Though I was looking for a "none of the above" answer to "which of these queries will do this",...

  • RE: SELECT @local_variable

    Nice question - I did not see that coming!

  • RE: NOT IN

    Also a good illustration of why NOT IN can be very risky. Using NOT EXISTS instead gives the result that would probably be intended in this scenario:

    SELECT Value

    FROM #tmpNewValue new


  • RE: Max DB Size for SQL Server Express

    edwardwill (7/24/2015)

    Another terrible question. Only 16 words in the question - you could have extended it to 18 by adding "Express Edition".

    This was the question titled "Max DB Size...

  • RE: Drop a temporal table

    Koen Verbeeck (7/16/2015)

    Hmmm, people have actually selected "drop the database". :w00t:

    That would certainly achieve the stated goal.

    Plus some other ones.......

  • RE: Dependency between tables

    Well, the query returned the two table names and the name of the foreign key.

    What it didn;t do was show the relationship (i.e. columns) between the two.

    To me,...

  • RE: Column manipulation with ALTER TABLE

    Unusually I thought it was quite an easy question and that two points was a bit generous. But then I saw that more people were getting it wrong than right...

  • RE: Error handling

    Only an easy question if you know all of the SQL Server error codes. Otherwise the only way to get it right is to cheat and run the code.

  • RE: Unable to use proper quotes in the statement

    Just out of interest is there a rule or convention on what these symbols are called? Strictly speaking,

    ' is an apostrophe, and

    " is a quote.

    Confusion sets in when terms...

  • RE: Try Catch Throw

    Hany Helmy (5/26/2015)

    OK, the author should have (like all other QotD) mention to select 2 answers, still it`s a very good question.


    The question featured checkboxes rather than radio buttons and...

  • RE: Ragged Right

    We've just elected the Ragged Right to run our country for another five years.

  • RE: Temp Table Names

    There's a good article at Simple Talk[/url] which mentions the limit and the reason.

    Where it says "116 characters or less" it means "116 characters or fewer" 😉

  • RE: Legal/illegal characters in table name

    It should have been possible to attempt an answer without just running the code. And, given the title of the question, it should have been clear that the "tmp" error...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 264 total)