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  • Reply To: Data modeling processing rules?

    Lynn/Steve/pietlinden -- Thanks for your replies and willingness to provide assistance. Sorry my appreciation was delayed -- life and work priorities shifted on me last week.

    Lynn -- Thanks for sharing...

  • Reply To: Data modeling processing rules?

    Steve -- yes, your mentioning of timing and cost are also factors, in addition to patient's age, chronic conditions, insurance plan formularies... lots to track for Go/No-Go drug substitution reporting....

  • Reply To: Data modeling processing rules?

    Thanks -- I was right in the middle of "googling" truth tables when I received your email.  Just a brief glance, and I see where this is headed. Much appreciated!

  • Reply To: Data modeling processing rules?

    Lynn! I appreciate your replying to my post

    I'll be honest, I'm not familiar with "truth tables" -- I can guess what they are, but could you provide an example or...

  • RE: Conditionally set line color in chart to "No Color"?

    I solved it!

    By looking at the underlying xml code, I discovered that No Color is set to [font="Courier New"]#00ffffff[/font]

    So, the following expression now sets the Fill color property of the...

  • RE: Querying AdditionalInfo xml field from ExecutionLog2?


    Thanks for your reply!

    Your SQL query is exactly what I was needing. Glad to hear that my post is of use to you as well.

    As for your suggestions, I've...

  • RE: "View Reports" role and subscriptions?

    OK -- I'll give it a test and see what happens. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • RE: updating ReportServer.dbo.Catalog directly: too smart for my own good?


    Did you ever figure this out? I have a similar interest in updating the Content field in the Catalog table for various reports, rather than opening each report individually...

  • RE: SSRS : Sparkline Formatting Issue

    Thanks for the update -- yeah, recreating objects in SSRS is a last resort for me too; don't have to do it very much thankfully.

    Glad you're in ok shape...

  • RE: SSRS : Sparkline Formatting Issue

    Can't say I've come across this, but two thoughts come to mind:

    1) Perhaps two different chart objects exist between the top sparklines and the bottom lines. If so, check if...

  • RE: Advice for Newcomers

    When it comes to kids, I think about their desire to create things -- draw/paint pictures, write stories, play an instrument, take pictures/videos, teach a pet to do a trick,...

  • RE: The DBA is Dead

    You know, when I first started learning Analysis Services (SQL 2000) and MDX, I started referring to it as a "job killer", at least as a job killer for reporting...

  • RE: Multiple datasets vs multiple subreports?

    Hmmm... Yeah, running queries that don't need to run isn't quite ideal. Got it.

    Although I haven't had a need to control, dynamically, whether a dataset needs to be returned, I...

  • RE: Multiple datasets vs multiple subreports?

    Hi Don:

    Congratulations, you're the first person to respond in 2.5 years! I'd forgotten that I had ever posted this question on SSC.

    Since my posting, I've continued to maintain the patient...

  • RE: Sabbatical

    Steve -- your personal profile says you live in Coloroda.

    (Hmmm, that State has been in the news quite a bit recently...)

    Seems to me you could attempt to grow a new...

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