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  • RE: Installation

    Well, while I agree that security is most important reason, the other two options could be true as well.

  • RE: Connection Colors

    I have mentioned blog posts in answer description, but didn't want to link them there and just put BOL page as reference.

    Here are a few links here:[/url][/url][/url]

    and if you...

  • RE: It's Not All About The Keys

    The logic behind the question suggest that the `backuplist` is subset of `databases`, and that FK should be created on `backuplist` to reference `databases`. Check query seems to support that,...

  • RE: Stored Procedure Boundaries

    milos.radivojevic (2/25/2014)

    Hi Carlo,

    I had many situations that stored procedures perform some unexpected reads and I/O activities because someone forgot some SELECTs after the SPs BEGIN/END boundary. A common case is...

  • RE: Orphaned users

    So if Disney gives Mickey Mouse the ability to fly, every member of The Mickey Mouse Club gains the same ability. Interesting, and entirely confusing.

    Yes, but Mickey Mouse and Mickey...

  • RE: CASE vagaries

    Hugo Kornelis (9/7/2013)

    The question is strange, and the answer is wrong.

    As for the first option - where would this p come from? I have no idea what reasoning could lead...

  • RE: TSQL-Order by

    You haven't read it carefully. It says: "If a table name is aliased, only the alias name can be used to qualify its columns in the ORDER BY clause."

    So this...

  • RE: Float Data Type

    L' Eomot Inversé (6/7/2013)

    silly comments like the above.

    Hugo Kornelis (6/8/2013)


    Since I received such a harsh words from two respectable members of SSC, I feel like adding a...

  • RE: Float Data Type

    From BOL

    Avoid using float or real columns in WHERE clause search conditions, especially the = and <> operators.

    Should be "Avoid using float or real columns." Period. Exclamation mark.


  • RE: The Subquery

    paul.knibbs (5/9/2013)

    Have to admit, I'm puzzled by this behaviour. It doesn't make logical sense for SQL to make a substitution like this when the table you're selecting from is explicitly...

  • RE: The Subquery

    Toreador (5/9/2013)

    A good question, but I'm not so sure about the explanation.

    If a column is referenced in a subquery that does not exist in the table referenced by the subquery's...

  • RE: Table Variable

    Sergiy (4/29/2013)

    Thanks everyone for positive feedback.

    As you can guess the question came from practical experience when developers were puzzled with "odd" behaviour of SQL Server.

    Had to build this sample script...


    Well, the question is obviously wrong - inverted. Based on the explanation and BOL, question is probably missing a words "do not" and instead of "Which of the following hints...


    Thank you all for your comments. I am glad to hear you liked the question, as this is first time I am posting one. Idea for this came up after...


    kapil_kk (4/23/2013)


    I was not aware of the fact that after making


    identity value gets incremented. I am confused now as what is the purpose of making...

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