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  • RE: Ethics

    Michael.Beeby :

    Unfortunately having a law and enforcing it are two different things. On top of that, with the current "austerity drive", law enfocement is an area where I fear...

  • RE: Ethics

    In the UK the new Bribery Act comes into force on 1 July 2011. It can fine companies an unlimited amount, and can send people to prison. The new legislation...

  • RE: Data Import

    Excellent question - thank you

  • RE: Is C# Better?

    Probably the biggest thing to learn in .Net is the framework, and this is the same in both languages.

    I second that. To be productive in .NET you should become...

  • RE: How to display number of rows in each table in database

    quick and dirty - but handy for ad-hoc use:

    Set query output to text

    sp_MSforeachtable @command1=" SELECT '?', COUNT(*) FROM ?"

  • RE: not like?

    This happens to be one of my eternal blind spots.

    I have lost count of the number of times I had to correct a query because I forgot that using 'NOT...

  • RE: Guest Editorial: On writing SQL

    Here are a couple of things I find useful when developing queries

    Dynamic queries

    Print any dynamic queries before executing them

    Queries called via osql

    If a query will be called via osql, I...

  • RE: Automating Excel from SQL Server

    Automating Excel is a very useful way to solve the kind of problem you describe, but I too would be wary of doing it from within SQL Server. For example...

  • RE: A Little DOS for a Poor DBA

    Just looking at the painful DOS syntax such as this fragment


    makes me wince. I would suggest using PowerShell and perhaps a CSV file to feed "environment" variables to the script.


  • RE: Physical Database Architecture

    If a page is meaningless for a log file, the answer should be NULL instead of 0 - only joking

  • RE: A Simple Mistake

    Off-topic, but something I always wondered about:

    How do people who use the Arabic version of Windows manage to write C/C++/C# code? After all Arabic does not have capitals.

  • RE: Yet another wayto include portability on DTS packages

    Bill Whitman,

    This is a useful solution that allows the production pakage to run while at the same time working on the development of the next version of the package -...

  • RE: Question of the Day for 10 May 2007

    LOL - this made me feel as if I was on a MS certification test - none of the answers seem right so you try to choose the "least wrong" answer.

  • RE: Data Migration : Step by Step

    A very welcome article - even for smaller migrations it will be very useful as a template.

    Can you indicate at which stage you would address differences in collation order,...

  • RE: Quick Hints for using the RAISERROR Command

    Thanks for a useful and clear article - much appreciated.

    One comment: as an initial step the SQL profiler can also be useful - no coding required! Of course you cannot see how the...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)