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  • RE: Get Work system - avoid duplicate inserts

    My code:

    UPDATE SWProjectGrid.dbo.tblServiceRequests

    SET TesterID_AA = @LanID

    ,Tester_AA = dbo.Func_BT_BatchQueueGetName(@LanID)

    ,AutoAssignedDate = getdate()

    ,ManagerAutoAssign = 0

    OUTPUT inserted.ID

    ,inserted.[SR Number]



    ,inserted.[Sub Area]



    INTO @tblSRInserts

    WHERE ID = (

    SELECT TOP 1 t1.ID

    FROM SWProjectGrid.dbo.tblServiceRequests AS t1

    INNER JOIN SWProjectGrid.dbo.tbl_AutoAssign_TesterCategoryAssignments AS A...

  • RE: I'm stumped on a concatenation problem

    I believe it did. Testing things out.

    I was on the right track. I seem to always struggle on more than a simple UPDATE.

    Thank you!!!

  • RE: executing dynamic SQL

    Like I said, maybe there's a different approach to this. Let me try to explain my idea.

    I have a table that stores a document's text. It's what we call a...

  • RE: executing dynamic SQL

    The intent is to retrieve a SQL command stored in a table, i.e. SELECT REPLACE(CONVERT(char(8), CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, 10), '-', '/') or SELECT PermAnalyst FROM EligDW.dbo.tblClientList WHERE Div = @div...

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)