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  • RE: Converting to data-driven code

    Two things. (1) the use of upper indicates your database should be set to be case insensitive. (2) creating a table doesn't get you out of testing in...

  • RE: Which type of Numbers?

    Sean Pearce (9/16/2014)

    And this relates to SQL Server how? I am not here for maths lessons.

    I thought it would be a frienfly question, so I picked Amicable numbers...

  • RE: Indexed Views With Outer Joins

    bvrolyk (7/17/2013)

    This is my issue as well. I need Father3 displayed in the final result set.

    In my "real world problem" I need to list the fathers with no children, not...

  • RE: Fix orphaned users after restoring database to another server

    akhamoshioke (5/1/2014)

    Comments posted to this topic are about the item <A HREF="/scripts/Orphan+users/109993/">Fix orphaned users after restoring database to another server</A>

    A better approach is to get the info from the original...


    Did you intend for the WITH with a GO before it to be a red herring? I knew you could do the insert, but the question seemed simple and...

  • RE: A few reflections on RBAR by a weary application developer

    patrickmcginnis59 10839 (12/9/2013)

    I'm interested in why RBAR is so slow in SQL systems, and some of the following psychology that develops around this is pretty interesting too. I've seen stuff...

  • RE: Extended Properties Introduction

    dwain.c (9/26/2013)

    I love extended properties. Very comprehensive introductory article!

    The only think I find annoying about them (unless I missed something) is that you can't update them. Need to...

  • RE: Type conversions and Nulls

    I got it right, but I wish the date wasn't April Fools day -- it adds a bit of "meta" distraction to the question.

    Is it ha, ha fooled you if...

  • RE: Serious Security

    Jim P. (1/17/2013)

    Any time someone brings up password security I always think of this XKCD commentary[/url]

    Except that for a site that you visit once a week, let alone once a...

  • RE: Serious Security

    Barry Wright-268269 (1/17/2013)

    It seems to me that a big factor in this is just password fatigue. We have so many password "protecting" things from the very important like bank...

  • RE: Santa's List

    SanDroid (12/26/2012)

    In order for the elves to find the items

    A spatial index is the only right one for this task.

    Since Elves do not exist on this Planet/Reality it...

  • RE: A simple T-SQL statement to create a list of lookup values

    Ninja's_RGR'us (3/21/2011)


    And just for fun, a recursive CTE solution! :hehe:

    DECLARE @t varchar(max);

    SET @t = '';

    WITH rectags AS





    SELECT ', ' +...

  • RE: Is it safe to use "update syscolumns set colstat"

    GilaMonster (12/29/2008)

    Aspet Golestanian Namagerdi (12/29/2008)

    Is it safe to work with system tables and fallowing TSQL:

    If your goal is to corrupt your database and cause downtime and loss of data, sure.


  • RE: Why It's Good To Be Wrong

    For instance, I recently said at my workplace that a database backup created on one version of SQL Server could not be restored onto a different version of SQL Server.


  • RE: T-SQL Integer Data-Type Conversions

    George H. (6/26/2012)

    Why does SQL Server spit the results out in this format rather than in straight binary, like this:

    01100001 01100010 01100011 01100100 01100101 01100110 01100111

    I apologize if this is...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 57 total)