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  • RE: Talking baseball

    Ray K (6/6/2016)

    ..... I forgot that he played third base!

    Yep, for the second half of the decade. That's my most vivid memory of him on...

  • RE: Talking baseball

    Ray K (6/6/2016)

    Yeah, I probably should've voted 80s. I voted 70s because Mike Schmidt was in his prime then.

    This weekend was interesting as well -- Jacoby Ellsbury stole home...

  • RE: Talking baseball

    Steve Jones - SSC Editor (3/8/2016)

    I may have to try AtBat. Listening in the background is something I've enjoyed, and I certainly like listening while driving or traveling out of...

  • RE: Talking baseball

    I've enjoyed having MLB At Bat on my phone as it does include every radio broadcast (home team, visitor, Spanish where that's done). When my Giants play in LA,...

  • RE: Talking baseball


    Two food items to not miss: The Gordon Biersch mini-brewery's garlic fries (perfect excuse for a beer to wash them down), and the Cha-Cha Bowl from Orlando Cepeda's...

  • RE: Talking baseball

    I am thrilled that Craig Biggio will be inducted. He is absolutely deserving. He was an amazing all-around player, excelling behind the plate, at second base and in...

  • RE: Msg 245, Level 16, State 1, Line 10. Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'PAULBUDGET ' to data type int.

    Hi JohnDean, and welcome to SS Central.

    You should post this question along with a bit more detail (table structure and the failing query) as a new post in an appropriate...


    L' Eomot Inversé (7/30/2013)

    ...... The question is about the lengths of the strings to which the numeric values are implicitly converted, since the length operator used is LEN...

  • RE: Back to basics

    Here's another example of using the AND (&) operator to query an integer being used as a bit-map. You may have a set of integers, each representing the calendar...

  • RE: Temporary Stored Procedures


    I'm a developer who has read access to our production databases, but not object-creation access. For any on-going programs, naturally we'd test them in development, then get the...

  • RE: Temporary Stored Procedures

    MattieNH (6/25/2013)

    Is it just me, or does this sound like an auditing nightmare?


    How so? The temp sp goes away at the end of the session and I would presume...

  • RE: Inconsistency

    I moved from mainframe work into PC's in the late 80's, developing on OS/2. When Microsoft divorced IBM and re-named their version of that OS "NT", I was convinced...


    Gillingham_Dave (3/12/2013)

    Ok I'm new to this stuff but when I ran the code to confirm, it returned 100 rows.

    Select *

    From #Test


    Row FirstDate ...

  • RE: Today's Random Word!

    Revenant (3/8/2013)

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    opc.three (3/8/2013)

    JAZZ Master (3/8/2013)

    crookj (3/8/2013)

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    Daniel Bowlin (3/7/2013)










  • RE: DTS - result to excel

    You say you choose Excel 97-2000 and locate the file. Does that mean the file already exists? If so, is it in the 97-2000 format (I mean, is its extension...

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