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  • RE: SQLServerCentral apologizes and you can win a book

    I can't believe that a supposed professional would lift code from another without at least attributing that code to the owner in some manner.

    --This is actual code I wrote for...

  • RE: The Future of Knowledge Measurement

    Recently, we were looking for a SQL developer that could become part of our team, could develop, and could convert a user story into a solution. We had run...

  • RE: Stunned

    Shawn Richards (8/28/2013)

    To be honest I find this disgusting and have had first had accounts of this many times while working in a Tech Supply Company Support Department around the...

  • RE: Stunned

    Lot of people ready to jump this manager's sh*t without any idea of the context other than second and third hand information.

    But the discussion has morphed into an...


    Very good question!

    Though I make a habit of specifying the n in a varchar declaration, I had no idea that in a DECLARE, without a specified n, it...

  • RE: Creating Tables 2

    I was sure there had to be a gotcha! But after looking and reading, I couldn't find any, so it had to be right.

  • RE: Merge

    Terrific and subtle point. You got me. Any "filtering" must be done in the WHEN [NOT] MATCHED AND xxx clause.

  • RE: SubQuery

    Wanted to briefly put in my 2 cents for EXCEPT. The tables don't have to be the same. The columns being EXCEPTed have to be compatible between the...

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)