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  • RE: Script Task C# Code(The name 'Dts' does not exist in the current context)

    Which are you intending to create:

    A ScriptTask on the Control Panel or,

    A ScriptComponent in a Dataflow?

    If a ScriptComponent then the Dts reference is not used to access variables. Specify...

  • RE: Convert Currency in SSIS

    My WSDL is not that strong but I would go along the lines of using a dataflow in the format:

    Data source to get your data which feeds a script component...

  • RE: script task

    I use both ScriptTasks and ScriptComponents when I need the power of .NET to achieve a specific function.

    ScriptTask - Use the Microsoft.AnalysisServices namespace to dynamically create partitions in SSAS.

    ScriptComponent -...

  • RE: linked server for ssas

    Connections to SSAS must be made by integrated security.

    Configure all connections through your SSAS to use their own credentials

    [font="Courier New"]exec sp_addlinkedsrvlogin @rmtsrvname = 'MySSASLinkedServerName', @useself = 'TRUE'[/font]

  • RE: Need some kind of Union in package

    The previous post was using SSIS. It can be solved in the database directly. My MS Access SQL for the join syntax is very rusty but the SQL...

  • RE: Need some kind of Union in package

    v-swgar (6/17/2011)

    TestId TestName Testplace TestLoc

    1 Social School1 Null

    2 Science Null Null

    1 Null Null Hyd

    2 Null School2 Null

    2 Null Null Mumbai

    I need to Insert into the destination and the data...

  • RE: Component required to execute SSIS package

    stewartc-708166 (6/9/2011)

    However, the SSIS DTEXEC components must be installed on the machine to be used (otherwise the reference assembly will not be available)

    Good point 😀

    SSIS must be installed even if...

  • RE: Create SSIS Variable from SQL Select Statement

    If your select statement retuns a single row, for example:

    [font="Courier New"]select top 1 a, b ,c from myTable[/font]

    where a is int, b is smallint and c is varchar.

    To get these...

  • RE: Component required to execute SSIS package

    SSIS does not need SQL Server installed on the same machine, unless you require to access SQL server on that box.

    To invoke a SSIS package from C#/.NET:

    1) Reference assembly...

  • RE: BCP Raw datafile format for a datetime2(3)

    I just discovered the answer...

    The Microsft Sql Server/100/Tools/Binn/bcp.exe utility uses the following format when writing out a datetime2 value in native raw format (bcp options -CRAW -n):

    If this value is...

  • RE: Dynamic Destination Table Creation from Source Table Structure

    I ended up creating a custom PipelineComponent class that I added to SSIS.

    The aim was to bulk insert into a SQL Server table, named by a property, but the table's...

  • RE: Benefits of SSIS vrs pain to use BIDS

    If you feel that the usability of SSIS BIDS is an issue then please vote for the enhancements within

    Feedback on SQL Server (public forum)

    Topic: Usability of SSIS BIDS deters...

  • RE: linked server for ssas

    Create the linked server using sp_addlinkedserver

    [font="Courier New"]EXEC sp_addlinkedserver

    @server='<LinkedServerName>', -- The name that you will call this new server



    @datasrc='<ASServer>', -- This is the name of the Analysis Services server.


  • RE: ALTER TABLE SWITCH statement failed. There is no identical index in source table

    I think that I've got an answer to my own question.

    I believe that matching constraints excluding foreign keys, primary key and aligned indexes need to be created on the non-partitioned...

  • RE: SSIS 2008 and Configuration Management

    Since the enitre .dtsx package will be version controlled as a single entity, we accept that only one person can check it out and edit it a once.

    However in seperate...

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