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  • RE: Process Support Database Framework

    It is interesting to see such an article published on a home grown process framework.

    What is interesting to me is how close this solution is to the one I've...

  • RE: iPads for Christmas

    The iPad has several features that make it truly different from computers including instant on, intuitive browsing, and "pass-around-ed-ness". Imagine discussing work topics away from your desk with others...

  • RE: The Schema Debate

    Schema are very useful but not required. Here are a few cases where they have come in handy:

    1) Util schema for UDFs that are generic and not specific to...

  • RE: The Schema Debate

    JJ B (6/22/2010)

    Many of the replies in favor of schemas make sense to me. However:

    In my environment, schemas are simply not necessary or helpful. When I want tables...

  • RE: A regression of the art of database development

    It is phooey that testing is new to database developers.

    There is a bit of envy to be had from some of the testing frameworks for the OOP world. ...

  • RE: Surely It Should Just Work?

    It is fair to say who wouldn’t want it “To Just Work”. But at what cost? If all products just worked what would be the differentiators between one product and...

  • RE: The T-SQL Paradigm

    There have been quite a few excellent and rational comments so far.

    There seems to be a common thread to them in that SQL is just the tool and it is...

  • RE: List of Identity Columns in Database

    This came up yesterday in another forum.



    Simple example from BOL:

  • RE: Determining an Identity column

    There is an easier way.  Try looking at the ObjectProperties and ColumnProperties functions:


    Simple example from...

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)