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  • RE: Use SQL-DMO and Excel to Quickly Create Reports for Auditors

    Simple and elegant.

    This one worked for me straigt from the 'box'.


  • RE: Data Transformation Task: Can I pass a variable?

    If you cannot setup parameter - you can use ActiveXScript in the worklflow tab

    in which you will dynamically change your query without passing parameter.

    I'll give you an example where...

  • RE: Dynamic DTS text file import

    I would import this to one table with just one field long enough to accomodate all type of records you may have - then I would use

    the DataDrivenQuery Task...

  • RE: RE:DTS csv

    May be you have no access to that column - so when you select *

    then you cannot as you do not have access to that particular column. Check if...

  • RE: RE:DTS csv

    When creating the connection for the destination make sure you check the box for first row has column names.

    When using datapump task - for the first time at the destination...

  • RE: ExecutePackageTask-PropertyID/VersionID

    How did you blank out the property?

    I use an activeX script task before calling the ExecutePackageTask to blank this property as below ( and it works for me for 3...

  • RE: Best way of using the FTP action?

    I have founf DTSFTPTask not reliabale. It can only pull file not push.

    I have created the wrap around the http://FTP.EXE program from Windows System folder. to get...

  • RE: Lookup works, ActiveX VBScript fails

    As your select statement has only one column you cannot rereference it inside the script as MYuser_id(0) as it is not an array. Use MYuser_id instead.

  • RE: Why isnt my lookup working?

    You need to reference to parmeter in your lookup as ? that is without apostroph '

  • RE: Saving Global Variables

    You cannot save the values of the global variables from run to run.

    As for looping through global variables:

    Dim objPackage

    Set objPackage = DTSGlobalVariables.Parent

    For each objGlVar in objPackage.GlobalVariables


  • RE: DTS global variable value not being set properly

    Hi Michael,

    Just to be sure - are you opening the package and then execute your task and then checking value of the global variable - all in one session?


  • RE: DTS global variable value not being set properly

    How do you run the package (task) and when do you test the content of the glVariable?

    Are you doing it all within DTS designer?


  • RE: Update source table from DTS package

    Why not in your DataPumpTask or DataDrivenQuery Task use the lookup to update the source record to reset your "exported" field in the OnInsertSucessPhase of the transformation.

    - Tom.

  • RE: searching a DTS for a DB


    Sorry for the length of the post - but I found it necessary to include part of actual code.

    I was thinking about writing an article based on my code...

  • RE: copy DTS jobs between servers

    The good thing about my procedure is that I can save it as a package.

    I can repeat the process (after modifying it if necessary) to:

    copy to another server

    move another...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)