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  • RE: Rendering PDFs Natively in SQL

    Phil Parkin (5/9/2013)

    David Rueter (5/9/2013)

    @Phil: 🙂

    Not to belabor the point... but "generation and display of graphic output" sounds like it applies to a well as JPG, PNG, HTML,...

  • RE: Trusting Source Control

    Iwas Bornready (6/30/2015)

    Good article. But even with source control, keep putting in those comments in the stored procedures.

    Absolutely. I was just making that point yesterday that even with source control,...

  • RE: Backup Compression Questions

    opc.three (1/18/2013)

    BLOBs do not compress well, if at all. Sometimes the compressed version of a BLOB can be bigger than the decrypted BLOB due to the encryption overhead combined with...

  • RE: Backup Compression Questions

    MyDoggieJessie (1/17/2013)

    I believe your questions are answered here


    I looked at that, but it seems like the pre-allocation of space starts out at one third of the DB's allocated space. ...

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)