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  • RE: Reporting

    what about

    d) whatever, just not in my database tier ?

  • RE: Is there any possible reason to have a non-clustered index on a table without a clustered index at all?

    If the db is incrementally near real time loaded, the reports are not ad-hoc or are slowly changing and the reporting performance is important; there is an argument for non-clustered...

  • RE: Cross Tabs and Pivots, Part 1 – Converting Rows to Columns

    Wanted to see what the difference aggregating by scalar functions was to see how it would perform based on a native datetime so I ran

    PRINT '=============== "Normal"...

  • RE: Uncommon Table Expressions

    Greg.Gum (8/12/2008)[Snip]

    CLR Recursion SQL Server Execution Times:

    CPU time = 0 ms, elapsed time = 5 ms.

    any chance of querying the cost column in the sys.dm_clr_appdomains


  • RE: Uncommon Table Expressions

    I was surprised to see the implementation of CTE recursion (in 2005 at least) performed similarly too inbuilt functions for small string lengths (read napkin test of up to 400)...

  • RE: Name value pair (EAV) model

    From someone that is asked to support add hoc reports generated on an EAV it is a difficult exercise to convince end users why certain types of reports are fine...

  • RE: Is a Temporary Table Really Necessary?

    pduplessis (5/29/2008)

    I agree that in most cases you can avoid the use of temp tables by structuring your query slightly differently, but for sure, sometimes they are unavoidable.



  • RE: Name value pair (EAV) model

    Surveys are Frequently collected for statistics.

    Bit mask seems like a poor choice. You'd force the query plan to scan the bitmask field to look for all surveys that answered question...

  • RE: A Worthwhile Goal

    In an ideal world consistent solutions for all instances consistent with a problem type while the technology is static.

    Only problems aren't consistent and technology is always changing.

    They are not the...

  • RE: A Worthwhile Goal

    Consistancy aids in the quality of readability. But it is not all qualities.

    There is a point when any template for a solution is used commonly enough that it should...

  • RE: A Worthwhile Goal

    Software Quality and consistency is notoriously hard to measure.

    An Elegant solution has risks that a solution that follows the path of least surprises does not.

    It is worth...

  • RE: Worst Practices - Not Using Primary Keys and Clustered Indexes

    larry (5/9/2008)

    There's one thing to be aware of - the database ALWAYS access the row by primary key, even if it doesn't have one.

    In Sql server a table with...

  • RE: Worst Practices - Not Using Primary Keys and Clustered Indexes

    INMHO the confusion comes from the clustered index term in SQL Server.

    In other DBMS's for example DB2 there is no concept of a primary clustered index because the primary key...

  • RE: Removing Duplicate Records

    I would be hesitant about deleting duplicates in the same statement that finds them. If the table was non trivial size (ie. you didnt want to hand list the...

  • RE: Removing Duplicate Records

    Are you sure you don't mean

    INSERT INTO phonebook SELECT


    [firstname] ,

    [lastname] ,


    FROM #tmp


    at the end

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