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  • RE: Limiting SQL return

    Yeah, well thats the problem, rock - hard place...

    It is unfortunately the answer that I expected.

    As a matter of interest, is there any real difference between TOP or SET...

  • RE: Can''''t get more than 1.7G of RAM allocated...

    I am seeing the same thing, with regards to SQL only getting up to 1.7 gigs of memory, with about 790mbs remaining, but it will not use it.

    Have Page...

  • RE: UserDefinedFunction

    good idea, and it is usually some that I insist on as well.

    But no luck....

    Thanks for all the advise.

  • RE: UserDefinedFunction

    I believe the function is correct. I have created a second function, which is exactly the same, except for the name and now the correct values are being returned correctly.

  • RE: UserDefinedFunction

    0 and 1 s only being returned.

    I am going to create as 2nd function for now, as a temporary workaround, until this can be sorted out.

  • RE: UserDefinedFunction

    sounds good, will test.

    Thanks for the responses.

  • RE: UserDefinedFunction

    CREATE FUNCTION dbo.fnc_GetManagerForOrgIdAndDate (@OrgId int, @BusinessRoleId int, @Date datetime)

    RETURNS varchar(64)



    DECLARE @IndividualId int

    DECLARE @ManagerName varchar(64)

    DECLARE @BusinessRoles Table (BusRoleId int)

    IF @BusinessRoleId = 45


     INSERT @BusinessRoles SELECT 57

     INSERT @BusinessRoles SELECT 58

     INSERT @BusinessRoles SELECT 59



     INSERT @BusinessRoles SELECT...

  • RE: Raid5 Device

    Thank you for that, got some work ahead of me, but at least I now know what direction I need to run in.

    Thanks for the help!

  • RE: Raid5 Device

    Ok, thanks for that Brian, I will have a look for that book.

    Transaction logs are on a RAID1 drive already, with ALL data files on a RAID5 (including tempdb).


  • RE: Raid5 Device

    The concern is this:

    If a failure occurs to the motherboard or array controller while the controller is busy writing, there is going to be corruption of data. Personally I am...

  • RE: Average Disk Queue Length

    Thanks for all the responses, most helpful

  • RE: Latch Waits and SQL Server Performance

    Any info on this, as I am having similar problems?



  • RE: Average Disk Queue Length

    Well the array consists of 3 x 146.8GB harddisks.

    Seeing spikes continuously, with values from 1 to 12...

    So basically I need to keep it under 6?

    Thanks for the response!

  • RE: Average Disk Queue Length

    Another question that just came to me, could disk defragmentation cause IO problems, like this?

    As we are in the process of buying DiskKeeper.



Viewing 14 posts - 301 through 314 (of 314 total)