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  • RE: CPU Utilisation 100%

    Thank you all for your help,

    Adding recompile to sp helped, the article cleared some questions nad created this sp will run once a day but 30 times( each time...

  • RE: CPU Utilisation 100%

    The wierdest part is that running the same query with no parameters( embede values) works fine and running sp and passing parameters no metter if to sp or to a...

  • RE: Backup to remote location

    Thanks for your replies. Probably there are some security issues. The problematic server is domain member, but my dev machine is stand-alone machine, which in this case is the only...

  • RE: SSIS Performance problem

    You're right. BIG telecom company and i CAN'T filter load data sets

  • RE: SSIS Performance problem

    Thanks for the advice!!

    Any other suggestions

  • RE: Mirroring problems


    ALL servers have SP2 installed and Principal & Mirror are SP3

  • RE: Tracking and Reporting Database Growth

    MsForEachDB can be easily replaced by using variables in SSIS.

    But the idea is great!

    I have a complete set of scripts that works for sql2000 and higher edditions and it gives...

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)