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  • RE: Too Large a Workload?

    I think you have made a lot of valid points there.

    Other issues I have noticed:

    We want SQL012 Cluster installed, you know all about this don't you, as your the...

  • RE: Improving Performance for Some LIKE “%string%” Searches (SQL Spackle)

    I utilised this in some in house code, resolving the content of the CTE with further where cause values, (excluding the like '%...%' clause for the moment.

    I then joined the...

  • RE: Key Word Searches

    Doesn't accommodate for wildcards though. It is only parsing and matching FULL words.

    He% and Nu% would not work.

    If putting a LIKE in-between KWI.KW and #KW.Keyword, you may think it works,...

  • RE: Question about DBA authority versus responsibility

    I have been supporting MSSQL now for 17 years, and have come across this issue many, many times.

    I usually follow the following process:

    1. Fix the problem.

    2. Install monitoring / alerting...

  • RE: renaming a server

    THIS, worked for me:

    select @@servername


    sp_helpremotelogin 'xxxx'

    --sp_dropremotelogin 'xxxx','DOMAIN\account'

    --sp_dropremotelogin 'xxxx'

    --sp_dropserver 'xxxx'

    sp_dropserver 'xxxx', 'droplogins'

    sp_addserver 'xxxx-new', local

  • RE: renaming a server

    I tried the disable of the publishing, but it still would not allow the connection to the alias.

    I ended up changing the server name back on the network, disabling replication,...

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)