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  • RE: Control chars in XML

    Damn, should have known. If IE can do something then that makes it valid. Oh, yeah, and should have known that I could add XML code in order for that...

  • RE: Careful with table name alias

    Richard M. (5/14/2010)

    Nice one.... also good to use as an interview question 😀

    Good point. Adding to the list of interview questions!

  • RE: Clustered indexes


    Thanks for the response. I stand corrected and will recreate my clustered indexes more frequently 😛



    Hugo Kornelis (5/7/2010)

    dunnjoe (5/7/2010)

    I believe this explanation is incorrect for the way the question was...

  • RE: Clustered indexes

    I believe this explanation is incorrect for the way the question was asked. Your question asked if the rows were physically or logically ordered, not if the pages were physically...

  • RE: Statistics

    This was a good question, and makes me wonder if it is a good idea to have auto stats turned on.

    When I ran it on one of my servers I...

  • RE: Business Intelligence Development Studio not working

    Thanks, this worked great for me!

    Shamshad Ali (3/2/2006)

    I have fixed it.

    Thanks for closing this POST.


    Here is the solution:

    You should make sure that Visual Studio is still installed.

    If you didn't...

  • RE: MAX

    ghollis (5/5/2009)

    Hit CTRL + T that then run it again. That will put you in text mode so the result and messages are on one screen. CTRL +...

  • RE: Where and Join On Clause the Same?

    Good question. I had to debug an issue just like this last week with one of the developers. We decided we liked the old style syntax better!

  • RE: TOP

    The posts for this message are very informative, but I don't see that they invalidate the answer. There were no deletes, so no fragmentation would be created. The nonclustered index...

  • RE: Read_Only Database

    I suspect that the reason the error message was because the master database was in use, not because it is invalid to set read only on master. Since all the...

  • RE: Read_Only Database

    This is what I got when I ran it in 2005...

    Msg 5058, Level 16, State 5, Line 1

    Option 'READ_ONLY' cannot be set in database 'master'.

  • RE: Happy Birthday

    I'd like 20,000 points so I'd be on the top of the list when everyone logs in each day, alright, at least on my birthday 😀

  • RE: Type lengths

    Good question! I had to do some investigation of coalesce which looks like a very useful function.

  • RE: Best Practice

    Hi Chris and Hugo,

    Thanks for your responses!


  • RE: Best Practice


    Doesn't the second solution have to do the same B-tree traversal?

    Good question, today, and good discussions!!


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)